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- an upscale full service  pet grooming salon, located in Lutz, FL since 1999 and just minutes from Land O' Lakes,
Wesley Chapel and New Tampa area.
Hi, my name is Annette Murphy owner and groomer of Canine Creations Pet Salon and Spa. I have two kids... Oh,  I mean two dogs that own me a Yorkie and a Golden Retriever. With over 14 years of experience I love what I do with passion and  take great pride in my work while staying educated and informed of the latest grooming trends. What sets me apart from others I do quality not quantity, this is not your typical get them in and get them out BIG BOX grooming salon. I cater to the pet owner who wants nothing but the best for their pet child.   I provide a state of the art grooming salon that is designed just like you are going to get your own hair done. I feel pets deserve the same, along with comfort, safety and cleanliness.What distinguishes Canine Creations  from other  dog grooming places is that I have developed a reputation for gentleness, love for every animal, integrity, and putting pet's emotional and physical needs first. I believe the grooming process should be a positive and pleasant experience for your pet whether a puppy, a senior, or in-between. I always spend time with my clients making them feel comfortable and appreciated. I'm committed to taking the time necessary  to perform the highest quality service and answer any question or concern rather than maximizing grooming appointments. Each dog goes home looking beautiful, smelling wonderful and not stressed out . I'm the only one that grooms your pet always this way your pet and I get to know each other and the pet becomes much more calm , relaxed and comfortable when they come for their grooming and go home, this results in a much happier well adjusted pet. My dedication to the safe gentle treatment and approach of animals emphasizing "gentle touch" and positive reinforcement, has proved to be most successful. Each animal is unique and deserves  the best of care and understanding of their body language. My professional life is centered on this principal .In many grooming shops the service is performed behind closed doors where the owner cannot see their pet being groomed. The layout for Canine Creations provides the grooming service in an open area where a client may observe their pet being groomed, much like a hair salon for humans. We welcome our clients to take a tour . I'm a member and also donate to the Humane Society. Canine Creations uses top quality all natural luxury shampoos, conditioners and other products that will make a huge difference on your pet's coat, it will shine and feel smooth and soft as silk the very first time.
I do all dog breeds
I Also Specialize in Expert Cat Grooming 
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Please keep in mind  good and safe grooming  can not be rushed. Usually full groom takes about  3 hours pending on the dog's coat condition, type of hair cut and dog's temperament.For Extra large dogs allow additional time.  

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